Nagarkot, Souraha and Chitwan

I forgot the exact dates but it was last month when I had chance to go see these places. I am not used to writing a travelogue (or even reading) so this is pretty crude I think. Hope it gets better on my future posts.

One thing, kind of a tip maybe, if you are a group travelling Nepal its very easy and rather cheap to hire a car or a bus. You can get the contact number of service providers on the net. Make some calls and choose the one offering most reasonable price. They are quite reliable. Thats what we did.

It was only late afternoon when we left Kathmandu. Sun was already setting when we reached Bhaktapur Durbar Square, which definitely looks great in the evenings. Hoping to get to Nagarkot before it got dark we had to cut short our Durbar hang out. Oversized bus through the narrow serpentine road when it was already pitch dark, not an entertainment, But we got safe to this hotel, cottage villa,  which is situated wonderfully on the very top of hills. Its a nice hotel, justifiably expensive, and every single room faces the mountains there. We woke up early in the morning  and got to watch one of fantastic sunrises ever. First beam of, rays of sunlight appeared turning the mountains crimson, and ever so slowly the sun rose. Incredibly beautiful.

Then, after what I’d call XXL breakfast we headed to Pokhara. About that, in following post.

p.s There goes a very bad description about my travel. I know. I should have written it fresh, as soon as I got back. Noted. I’m rather good at describing people of places, their art of living, their values, resources that make their living, and stuffs, rather than describing the place itself.  Because when I travel I don’t just see the topography of that place or beauty, but the beautiful people as well. Can I write that in a travelogue?


Results came out!

Our final year exams ended on 21st September. I came back home for this vacation which would last until results. In the mean time I had chance to travel to some good places like pokhara and souraha, that makes up for another section in this blog. Just making a point in here, it was quite is a while (17 years!) since I’d been last to that wonderful wonderful place. Love it so much that mark my words, I’m gonna have a house in that town.

Dang and Bhairahawa too, on my visited this time list. Dashain and Tihar, with my family after long. Thats the highlight of these two months. And I was pretty useful around home too 🙂
And finally retiring somewhat nervous, anxious, hopeful and eager wait result came out on 15th November. In a nice way actually. I switch off my cell phone when I go to sleep. So early morning I wake up and turn it on, I see the sweetest message saying I passed. Then I was like yelling ‘Baba, mommy, I passed..’ and everything’s been wonderful since then.

Thanks to my family, friends and teachers for everything. I am a doctor now. Thats some identity.

Joining my intern soon, by 26th november. I will keep updating.