Results came out!

Our final year exams ended on 21st September. I came back home for this vacation which would last until results. In the mean time I had chance to travel to some good places like pokhara and souraha, that makes up for another section in this blog. Just making a point in here, it was quite is a while (17 years!) since I’d been last to that wonderful wonderful place. Love it so much that mark my words, I’m gonna have a house in that town.

Dang and Bhairahawa too, on my visited this time list. Dashain and Tihar, with my family after long. Thats the highlight of these two months. And I was pretty useful around home too 🙂
And finally retiring somewhat nervous, anxious, hopeful and eager wait result came out on 15th November. In a nice way actually. I switch off my cell phone when I go to sleep. So early morning I wake up and turn it on, I see the sweetest message saying I passed. Then I was like yelling ‘Baba, mommy, I passed..’ and everything’s been wonderful since then.

Thanks to my family, friends and teachers for everything. I am a doctor now. Thats some identity.

Joining my intern soon, by 26th november. I will keep updating.


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