…Pokhara and Chitwan

Its been long since I was actually there and like I have lamented previously travelouge is something you write asap or atleast make notes for future retrieval.


About Pokhara its not only beautiful to see but I think its a very good place to live in as well. I actually intend to buy a piece of land there when I make enough money. And people are wonderful too. There is this general consciousness among public to keep the city clean, unlike anywhere else in Nepal. Everything is pleasant about this place. Sorry but this is all I can manage to write though I have the moments lingering in my memory like a sweet perfume, I simply cant express the details. My expression is blunted nowadays.


Souraha was way warmer, temperature I mean. And hospitality too. Elephant bathing is something I recommend everyone do in their lifetime. Its real fun. Though we didn’t get to see much of wildlife, cultural dance by local Tharu flocks and campfire late evening made the stay there worthwhile.


This is the wrap up of my odd travel diary(?). Next time I promise much better literature.




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