In the Hospital

Just a Quick share.


What delights me in hospital is not just how the critically ill patients get well and go home smiling, but the love a son shows to his father who’s just had a stroke, how a couple tends their sick new born, how a husband stays up all night outside the gates of female ward, praying for his eclamptic wife to get well. Son loves mother, brother brother, sister sister, dad mom kids. Its wonderful to see such love. Everyone has  someone. And that somebody makes up for everything. You may not know, you may not notice, but they love you very much!

Family is most important thing in the world.


3 comments on “In the Hospital

  1. sudsa says:

    this is so sweet.. and yes Family is most important thing in this world.

    • chirayur says:

      thank you sudsa, good to see that you too think similarly about family.. and guess what? I’m just back home, yesterday. With my family, after eight months!

  2. sudsa says:

    that’s great.. i know how it feels to be wid family after such a long time.. so,enjoy ur holiday with ur family.. i also came home after 2 months(less than urs) and now it’s time to go back… i hate hostel.. have a great time..

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