Pursuit Of Happiness


Some sought it in Gold. People found it patriotism. Lovers say love’s got it all.  Apart from money, good  food, music, movies, love, sex that make us all happy more or less, there are stuffs more influential, though subconscious, that determine how we feel. Happy? Lets see.

I have come across helpful people in my life. Some even go to the extremities of self sacrifice for other people- their family, friends or oddly enough, strangers. There are firefighters who do more than just their job in risking their life to save someone else’s. And there are those regular people who by the chances of chance happen to be in such place and time of disaster, and they show the selfless heroism. Thats wonderful what they do. But then most people don’t.

Generally speaking, here are some tips to Happiness:

7. Friends

Friends make you happy, because they are always there and still there’s not much give and take. Unlike love, friendship doesn’t demand monopoly or sacrifice, friendship doesn’t strain over time or distance. Loneliness is sadness. Friends keep company. So, make friends, many friends, and some good friends. Friends come handy all the time.

6. Be Honest

   We all are built of conscience. So when our acts come into confrontation with the very making of us, we feel unhappy inside. It might be as simple as not telling lies or not cheating in a relationship, or something bigger, like  being honest and fair with yourself (let me clarify that one, do you remember telling yourself lies, making excuses for what other people do to you, or holding onto false hopes even when you know deep inside, know things  black and white?). Honesty feeds soul happiness.

5. Be Clever

Clever people are happy. And lucky. Happy go lucky are clever, not because they have some cosmic forces in their favor, but they know which ride to take and which to bounce. They get dates because they don’t ask out somebody out of their league. They pass tests for they had worked hard. They land on good jobs because they prepared well themselves through years in college. They only knock those doors they know they are welcome to.  You need to know where you fit, where you are appreciated, where you can work your true potential.

4. Let go

I can guarantee you there will be many things going on around, every single day, that will affect you personally and make you sad. You can be sad as long as you get stuck on that, you think about it over and over again in your head OR, become happy just by choosing to let it go. Be it unrequited love, broken promises, flat tires or downed expectations. Just let it go.

3.Try to become successful

Now how can one control that? You may wonder. But it is usually the product of your own preparation, and genuine efforts- success. By late twenties, you’d have decided your line of business, what you want to do in life (if you haven’t, decide please!) You can either terribly suck at it or you might try to become better every day. Try to marvel at little efforts you make, gratify yourself at the responsibilities you took well. Getting things done makes very happy.

2. Activity

Like a flowing river gets to see mountains and hills and plane lands, and meet people and boats and fishes of different places and pour into ocean someday while  a lake doesn’t, flow like a river. Do things. Read, play, sing, dance, travel, ( blog!), work out. Keep busy. Earth moves, Sun moves, this whole galaxy moves, why won’t you have some momentum of your own?

1. Be Yourself

This is most important. Forget everything I’ve said in last six tips. My whole thought on happiness- it might not even work for you. Because like fingerprints, everybody lives by their own values. Know thyself. Find out what makes you happy. Is it in self sacrifice and being a good human being? Or are you happy being selfish? If its only you, you care about, do that. Love yourself! Recognize your priorities, Famous, filthy rich, wicked, kind, generous- become all you want to be. Satisfy yourself. Don’t live life like that because somebody lives life like that!

We call it green and we call it blue. But I wonder if we see the same color.



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