Call me a hypocrite!



Eat in public

Shit in private,

Drink in cheers,

Pee in latrine upstairs.

It is, but different holes

only stuffs,

Going inside and coming outside

Something you decide,

To show, to hide,

But call me a hypocrite.


Fashion with fancy clothes,

Press them well, look good

Golds and diamonds,

Close the door

and hump naked,

Like wild animals,

even wilder.

Style your messed up hairs,

Wipe your lipstick smears,

Dress up,

Tuck your shirts inside,

Smile in guilt, glow in pride

Ladies and gentlemen!

And call me a hypocrite.



Sorry for famine in Africa

Discuss it over dinner,


Malnutrition and balanced diet

Drink and dance all night

Call me a hypocrite.


Complain Middle East

Jews and Arabs

Relentless Fight

Widows, orphans, endless plight

Make it some news

Put it in your website,

Look at the feedback, comments

And smile with delight.

But call me a hypocrite!


You don’t

Fall in love at first sight

You discriminate, then decide

And yet compromise,

Night after night,

But call me a hypocrite.


Pray for World peace,

You can’t make peace with yourself

Cry for justice,

But you let your own dreams

wash down the lunar tide.

Dreams aside,

You are confused in your prayers too,

your desires so collide,

Like a vulgar mistress and a loving wife.

And you call me a hypocrite!


Because I tell you

I hate you

and I smile at you,

You call me a hypocrite,

But that’s why

I smile at you,

Ignorant and erudite!


2 comments on “Call me a hypocrite!

  1. broken.angel says:

    your writing shows spontaneity..loved reading this poem. keep writing 🙂

  2. Sunil Bhatta says:

    rude, but wonderful 🙂

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