Things to Win my heart


First things first, I am biased towards everyone I meet, strangers. I think everybody’s nice and I’d like to like them until they really piss me off over something. But some of the things that get me really impressed are:

#1 Straight forward, speaking their mind.

#2 Creative attracts me a lot too. Someone who can write a witty piece of article or even say something that makes funny sense.

#3 Good food. I don’t know if I can squeeze this point into this list, but I’ve always loved eating, and like they say, way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

#4 In touch with reality. Someone who doesn’t fumble over long lines at QFX, or complains how disgusting were people she had to put up with. I don’t like people saying mean things to anybody. Its such a turn off. I like when people can talk reasonably.

#5 And people who care, genuinely. And when they do, I’m smart enough to realise every little efforts they make. I don’t know if its a feeling of obligation, I think it is not, but a reciprocal emotion, of thank you and I like you too.

Selfish it maybe, maybe some kind of a defense mechanism, I can’t really love a person who doesn’t love me, or like.


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