day 2: Things I strongly believe in.

Day 2 of my blogging challenge requires me to write about thing I strongly believe in.


A thing or some things? I don’t know. 

I am supposed to write about a thing I guess, and I have been trying to think all day, what do I really really believe in?

Gods, I’m kind of religious, I inherited the faith, so I do believe in that. But more than in religion I believe in religious tolerance. I  am hindu because I was born in a hindu family, as simple as that. I could have been born of any other faith, and I believe my Gods, from Sun to Shiva and Jesus and Allah and Buddha, they take care of us all. We call them different names, just like water is called different things in different languages, but we it quenches thirst of every throat.

It is something divine, we pray to. My prayers have been answered many times.

I believe in Love. When someone says love’s the ultimate thing, source of true happiness, I do believe in that. Because I have loved and known that first hand. So I believe in love and that it makes you do wonders. And I believe that unrequited love can make people go crazy too. I believe in its strength.

I believe in certain abstract things too. Little ones. Miracles too. I believe in what this guy Paulo Coelho  said- if you really want something, the whole universe conspires in your favor. I believe if you catch a leaf falling off the tree, it brings you good luck. I believe in happy coincidences. I believe if you are a good man, no bad things should happen to you. I even believe that if you tell your broken laptop you will treat it better, it will fix itself!

I believe for an ailing patient in hospital, more love and care you show, more are his chances of survival, better chance of getting well soon. I have seen that first hand, many cases.  

These are my funny assumptions, rather difficult to understand.

And even if all these things prove to be wrong, just my mistaken point of view, there’s one thing I can totally believe in, myself. And I do believe in myself.

 I know I am not a genius, and if I stop working hard, stop making efforts, lucky flukes will soon run short, and I will become an insignificant nothing.  I procrastinate a lot, I do things I shouldn’t do, and I avoid things I should be doing (actually, I’m doing just that nowadays), but I believe I can resurrect myself from the low, do the right things, make myself what I really ought to be. I have been in a vacation, for too long now, I was working but not really working, not doing things the best I could. I haven’t tired myself, I haven’t worn myself out, I haven’t tried hard enough. But I really should, make life worth it. I can, I believe in that.





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