Follow Through in Love


‘Follow through- complete the act!’ my tennis coach yelled at me some umpteenth time, as the ball hopped out of the court. 

He explained- as important as it is making a good contact with the ball, it is to swing through, carry on the momentum- even after ball is already going in opposite direction- it will give the ball a proper direction and also your shoulder will hurt less.


Being in a relationship is wonderful for so many things. Flowers, sweet talks, wines, kisses and fights and everything. But as great as the things might look, it might not work out for stupid reasons. Love’s not a big factor. And unlike the cliche, love’s not enough. To live a life happily, there’s universe of other things that matter.

Thus, as an inevitable outcome, break ups happen- sometimes when you are still in love with the other person. And while love gradually wanes in magnitude, you can’t really stop caring about the other person- how’s she doing, is she okay? 

You want her to be happy. And until you make sure that’s happening- you follow through.

My follow through’s come to an end. Happy to see you happy, Darling!


In a dark alley Called Life

(This is a translation of a poem called- jivan ko andhyaro sadakma by my most favorite Bhupi Serchan)



In this dark alley of life


is like a bicycle head light

at the end of a dynamo.

as long as I pace up,

with my foots on the pedal-

the bulb shines my road.

When I tire,

and my legs retire-

darkness comes front,

and barks.