Random things on my mind



The blog is infact, named that. But I have not been quite so random. Let me be.

’14 has been a bad year for aviation industry. Malaysian A380 still missing, another one shot down in Ukraine with all the travelers dead, and as of yesterday- a Taiwanese domestic carrier went down trying to make an emergency landing.

Its been a bad year so far- bad for humanity. And shameful too, for us who are merely spectators of the extreme form of injustice around the world- and can do nothing about it. Not just a common folk like you and me, but the very UN, who is entrusted with such a job.

1. Fall of Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, a military coup- who is passing indiscriminate sentences, prosecuting opponents, free thinkers, including journalists. Devolution of Egypt from the great nation it once was.

2. Hundreds of girls abducted by boko haram in Nigeria, to be raped and enslaved- and we could do nothing about it.

3. ISIL, a sunni militant group, who were once aided arms and otherwise by US, NATO(in Syria, to fight proxy war against Russia/Assad)- surge most of Iraq- with Iraqi government now weak and helpless- as foreign forces that invaded the country to find ‘weapons of mass destruction’ turned it upside down, only not to find it and left- can’t defend its ethnically diverse population- shias, kurds, christians etc. Its terrible to see them lined up and shot in the back. And we can do nothing about it.

4. People of Ukraine kill each other, in ethnic lines- but the conflict is, a mere tug of war between Russia and rest of Europe. Why pay so heavy.

5. Tragic of all is killing of people of Palestine by Israel, most of them commoners- unarmed men, women and children. I can’t even comprehend how such a thing can happen in this ‘modern’ age. But, Israeli airport had to be closed for a couple of hours due to air raids from gaza, makes a bigger news than thousands being killed on the other side.

I abhor international community, the UN, leaders of today for not doing what they can do to save innocent lives around the globe.

Someday, I will make a difference.

p.s- I started meaning to write all the random things I had in mind, but the tone of this post has turned so grave, other petty thoughts don’t even compare. But they are there too, I will post separately.


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