…random colors of my mind. Because my thoughts are, well, pretty random. And I’ve tried to categorize them. I write because it makes me feel good. I always had to write before I made important decisions in my life, or I started preparing for finals, or I decided that I should lose weight convince myself of rigorous drills.. writing’s been a means of communication with myself

And about me, I’m a poorly understood creature. I think I am nice but, you know, people don’t think so very much 🙂 I am a medical doctor with lots of other aspirations, and dreams. But I realise, I don’t need to be anything else but a good doc, if I can’t be all, because stakes are high and its life!



3 comments on “About

  1. Moment Matters says:

    Hey I like the positive ambiance here! To answer your question, Phoebe is my favorite in the friends gang. She threw out the best laugh I’ve had over the series =)) How about you? And why’d you ask? HAHA

    • chirayur says:

      Asking because I am watching friends seasons nowadays. I’d missed whole lot episodes back then, so. And idk I like Joey, i like monica, and Chandler all the same, and Phoebe too. hard to say 🙂

      • Moment Matters says:

        Yeah I just finished it thanks to digital release. It’s hard not to like anybody from the gang. Joey is too fun as well, I think Phoebe and him are the more interesting characters. There’s just so much going on. I’ll just drop it right now, enjoy!

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