I see two options. One, existing political parties can exist, but their current leadership should step down and make their way to more versatile youngsters, who can plan, project, negotiate and work things out. It’d be humble for the old establishment to quit gracefully, but since it is unlikely, the young members of the parties, who have only followed the circulars so far, should realize its time for them to climb up the party hierarchy, and have their say, not just because their leaders have so far pimped their faiths and beliefs, but.. NO ELECTIONS IN NOVEMBER.


sleeping youths

Youths make for the highest percentage in demographic pie chart. Yet they are hardly contributing anything for the society or say, nation. They are not even trying to make themselves learn and make themselves competent for the things of future. They have much to do- little bit of television, little bit of facebook, little chat with friends and oh so much thinking about love or hoe lonely one is or how fat one’s got. They have no work to do! They are sleeping, sleeping pretty deep as far as the country’s wake up call is concerned.