Obsessive Compulsive Stalker


Obsession is a thought you’d very much like to avoid, but that keeps coming back and lingers. And compulsion is the intense urge to do something about it- in order to ease the tension, mitigate the anxiety. Act being here- the stalking.

And by stalking I mean, stalking over the internet- facebook and twitter accounts, instagram- even little applications like whatsapp and viber- just to check if someone’s logged in!

This someone’s usually the ex. You don’t stalk someone you are just attracted to- not that obstinately, for checking out to qualify ‘staliking’ it should be insane. You should be thinking about this person everyday, and all the time when you are free. Like a constant background music to all your activities, her memory’d screw up your psyche so much. Like first thing in the morning and last thing in the night before you fall asleep. Yes, just like love, not just as good.   

Love is like river. Like a river it is important and provides many essential things to life, and to survival. You may drink on love, catch fishes for food, make it a means of transport or even generate electricity. Or just swim. But when the embankment breaks down, it is flood sweeping away houses, destroying roads and mayhem.

And its after unceremonious break ups you stalk, to analyse, realize, summarize and finally paralyze yourself with the matters-of-fact.

How to overcome this unhappy state of mind and move on?

 Its called Exposure and Response prevention therapy. Let the little triggers- just some sub threshold memories agitate you- but don’t stalk still. And gradually, when you think you are doing better- let the stronger, happier and more intense memories intrude. But don’t stalk still- defeat the urge, don’t surrender to the compulsion and once you stop performing the ‘act’ the thoughts will stop coming and haunting you altogether. Good luck!


Follow Through in Love


‘Follow through- complete the act!’ my tennis coach yelled at me some umpteenth time, as the ball hopped out of the court. 

He explained- as important as it is making a good contact with the ball, it is to swing through, carry on the momentum- even after ball is already going in opposite direction- it will give the ball a proper direction and also your shoulder will hurt less.


Being in a relationship is wonderful for so many things. Flowers, sweet talks, wines, kisses and fights and everything. But as great as the things might look, it might not work out for stupid reasons. Love’s not a big factor. And unlike the cliche, love’s not enough. To live a life happily, there’s universe of other things that matter.

Thus, as an inevitable outcome, break ups happen- sometimes when you are still in love with the other person. And while love gradually wanes in magnitude, you can’t really stop caring about the other person- how’s she doing, is she okay? 

You want her to be happy. And until you make sure that’s happening- you follow through.

My follow through’s come to an end. Happy to see you happy, Darling!



bY Yogesh Bhusal

Love, in all forms is a pleasing emotion. People who are in love, are healthier, happier and more active socially. It is often the case that, with love, comes an aura of beauty around women, and a sense of confidence and courage in men.

Indeed, those who have never fallen in love, are missing out on a great deal. Love is a product I am trying to promote for my own selfish personal gains, which include, living in a more caring and loving society, talking to people who understand love and have loved, building relationships with people who know what relationships are, etc.

This article is for those who have, or think they have fallen love. I am not going to talk of signs of infatuation, which appear like symptoms of love, but are far more pronounced and ephemeral. So, here are the few symptoms :

The world seems a better place:
No, the problems of the world do not disappear. It is just your perception and point of view that changes. With love comes more self-confidence and courage, allowing you to face the world with increased vigor.

Deep sense of sharing:
your happiness does not seem complete until you have shared it with your beloved. Any and all possessions you have, you willing share with him/her. You do not think twice about compromising on your needs, if you feel the needs of your partner are not fulfilled.
You never get bored of the person never.. as in, even after several years of knowing each other. Everyday, you can talk and chatter and never run out of words, or grow tired listening. You know everything about him/her and yet he/she continues to amuse you.
Well, these symptoms are for real, but it takes time for you to confirm them. If you have already lived for several years with your beloved, you will be able to relate to them n for those who are still new in the relationship, hang in there for the infatuation to pass and the real emotions and feelings to emerge.

“An ode to a lovely girl”

Sometimes, someone comes into your life and then, you feel your life will never be the same again. Their presence in your life may be fleeting, but the impressions they keep on your heart last for a lifetime.

About Love

So many stories, so many songs. And we all fall in love at some point of life, some love grows, blossoms and some whines and fades. But we are all capable of loving, and if greatest of the philosophers are to be believed, they say love is the ultimate thing- bigger than money, greater than fame, something that brings happiness in the truest form. We all want to be happy.

I don’t know much. Maybe its just that pursuit of happiness, we fall in love. We fall in love with the same person the whole life, ending up happy or sad, OR better we fall in love again and again. With different persons. Even, with the person one is married to! But we take chances, like a lottery ticket, we try. We fall carelessly in love, hopelessly. We try to tame our game, with all the moves and all we got. But the thing about love is you can’t make someone fall in love with you. You can’t say ‘hey, fall, I’ll catch’. Its an enigma. Complicated like anything. You can love so easy, but making the other person love you back, they simply don’t take orders. You might trick and tame but that’s no more love.

The magnitude of feelings that love serves is immense. Happiness, in love is like monkey with banana_ so much and misery of tragedy is equally amplified. It is a different dimension, where emotions surge like electricity. Completely involuntary. Out of choice, violating the code of free will. Oh, only if falling in love were an option, how many souls would go serene. It is not. I have seen people go, literally, insane, in love. That’s the reaction to love, which I think is somewhat  and slowly adjustable. How we respond to love you and love you too? Very happy, of course! No gurantee its going tom last forever. But feel happy when you can. Being in such love is one happiest thing in the world. What about heart breaks? Sour souls and regrets? My advice is move on. Nothing doing about it. You can’t straighten a twisted relationship. Its like elastic, more the strain, more it hurts when you let go. But you got to let go anyways. So move on, but slow and easy. Heartbreak_ Soul opens only at times such as this, go inside and look at your inside.  In the end, it might not be  a very bad thing at all. Because, they say ‘know thyself’.

Love is immortal. I think in loving truly we feed our souls and two souls that love unite and go to sky where they stay forever. That’s my silly little theory. But I like to think that way. Because, the bigger picture, above schools and colleges, higher up, over cars and bridges, over money and wars and work, there’s blue sky. From there I see people and their feelings. Stray dogs and street cats and their feelings. No one’s too rich or too poor to love. No one is too fat, too ugly, too busy, too lazy to love. Love’s for all. Out of sanity, fall in love. I’m not asking, because eventually you will, if you haven’t already.

Above is a messed up writing, where I fail to stay coherent with what I try to say. But so is love. Come back for more readings J